Sunday, December 17, 2017

Listen to Shawn Williams Discuss How He Got Started in BJJ

Shawn Williams recently spoke with Mark Mullen of Jiu-Jitsu Times to discuss how he got started in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Like many children of the 1980s, Shawn was influenced by martial arts movies and watching...

Budo Video’s This Week In BJJ Turns 100…episodes!

I had the pleasure of joining my good friend Budo Jake recently on the 100th episode of This Week in BJJ! Congrats to Budo Videos on their 100th Episode!  Awesome stuff fellas. Congratulations!   Part 2:
Rise Again BJJ

Our good friend at Rise Again BJJ

Our good friend Tom McMahon featured my school, 5 Star Martial Arts | Renzo Gracie LA in a recent blog article.  Check it out here: Thanks Tom!  Always a pleasure having you on the mats!!  

Inside BJJ Podcast

Check out the podcast from our friends at Inside BJJ:

Grappling Central Podcast

Check out the podcast from my friends at Grappling Central:  

BJJ Brick Podcast

Check out my the interview from our friends at BJJ Brick! Some of the topics we discussed: We talk about: His start with BJJ Being a commentator for live BJJ events The importance of enjoying BJJ Wrestling in BJJ Tips for...

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Leg Grab Omoplata

Recently Lucas Lepri used a tactic to secure the omoplata that I am a huge fan of. I learned how to hook the far...

Armlock From Back Control

Recently once again, Demian Maia put on a jiu jitsu clinic in UFC 198. He controlled the grappling with relative ease and was dominant on...